Tony Rafferty


Updated: 2022-03-15



Tony Rafferty was the first person to run from Melbourne to Sydney in 1972. The following year he was the first to run across the Australian continent from Fremantle to Surfers Paradise. As a pioneer of Australian ultra-distance running he was also the first to complete runs from Perth to Brisbane, Perth to Adelaide, Adelaide to Brisbane, Melbourne to Brisbane and Sydney to Brisbane.

In 1975 he set a world record for running for 50 hours non-stop; and in 1978 he was the first to run from Melbourne to Sydney & back to Melbourne. The following year he became the first person to run across California's Death Valley.


1986: Desert runners set hot pace Desert race men vow never again


03/10/2003 Sri Chinmoy Festival Of Running7146.869 km
11/03/1998 Nanango 1000 Mile Track Race0DNF    
02/03/1997 Sri Chinmoy Festival of Running6143.610 km
01/12/1996 Traralgon Harriers Moe 6 Hour Track Race752.072 km
19/11/1995 Colac 6 Day Race12655.200 km
07/05/1995 Sri Chinmoy 7 Day Race9420 miles    
14/11/1994 Colac 6 Day Race8608.800 km
15/11/1992 Colac 6 Day Race8633.200 km
03/11/1991 Colac 6 Day Race8620.400 km
13/11/1989 Colac 6 Day Race12644.000 km
12/09/1989 Rotoract Challenge1347:59:04    
30/06/1989 Australian 48 Hour Track Championship982.305 km
06/05/1989 Percy Cerutty Memorial 12 Hour Race1893.054 km
14/11/1988 Colac 6 Day Race9741.200 km
29/10/1988 Sri Chinmoy Festival Of Running2491.330 km
16/07/1988 Sri Chinmoy Festival of Running11101.611 km
13/02/1988Westfield Coburg Harriers Carnival Victorian 24 Hour Track Race18165.540 km
23/01/1988Big Apple Nissan Bicentennial Ultra Track Run 48 Hour Track Race11245.796 km
21/06/1987 Victorian Marathon Club 50 Miles68:08:01    
26/03/1987Westfield Sydney to Melbourne Ultra Marathon10207:58:00    
27/02/1987Westfield Victorian Veterans 24 Hour Track Race13172.246 km
01/11/1986 Sri Chinmoy Festival Of Running18167.814 km
29/09/1986 Les Six Jours de La Rochelle6747.000 km
26/07/1986 MBS Alveronic 1000 Mile Road Race1352:45:11    
24/02/1986 Colac 6 Day Race7735.200 km
15/02/1986Westfield Victorian Veterans 24 Hour Track Race20167.875 km
05/01/1986 Simpson Desert Crossing298:00:00    
09/11/1985 Sri Chinmoy Festival Of Running3780.000 km
29/06/1985 Victorian Marathon Club 50 Mile Track Race168:22:19    
12/04/1985Westfield Sydney to Melbourne Ultra Marathon6184:02:00    
02/02/1985Westfield Victorian Veterans 24 Hour Track Race7175.198 km
26/11/1984McEwan's Colac Ultra Marathon9743.600 km
03/11/1984 Sri Chinmoy Festival Of Running14168.063 km
02/07/1984 New York Road Runners 6 Day Race20602.328 km
27/04/1984Westfield Sydney to Melbourne Ultra Marathon6175:09:00    
05/11/1983 Sri Chinmoy Festival Of Running21143.709 km
27/04/1983Westfield Sydney to Melbourne Ultra Marathon5172:27:00    

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