An archive covering the history of distance running in Australia.

The information provided on this site has been collected from public sources & from privately held athlete archives over more than a decade as part of researching athletic results for the three clubs I was formerly a member of. Please bookmark our page & visit again soon as new items will continue to be added on a regular basis.

Runchive was first launched in October 2020 with historic versions of the websites of St George District Athletic Club and Southside Masters Athletic Club. These now deleted websites contain many historic records for both clubs that were regularly sought after by club members.

This was followed in November 2020 with the merging of the Australian 100 Club website into the Runchive platform. The database underlying both of these current websites began life over a decade ago for Bob Fickel's Australian 100 Marathon Club. Following the collapse of Bob's club in early 2020 the website was preserved & has since been expanded in concept to offer runners "100 Club Ranking Lists" in multiple disciples including triathlon, aquathlon, duathlon, ultramarathon, marathon, half marathon, 10km & parkrun.

A collaborative project with Australian Ultramarathon history guru Phil Essam to compile a more complete listing of results for famed Aussie ultramarathon legend Cliff Young led to the creation of Runchive's athlete profiles. The athletes & their results that will soon be featured here are of significant historic interest, with the list including Olympians, World Record holders & high-profile champions.

I'm Michael, a second-generation distance runner from Sydney. I have been competing in distance running events since 1985, and building athletic club websites since 2007. I am very passionate about recording & preserving the history of the sport I've been involved with for most of my life. My father joined St George District Athletic Club as a young teenager in the 1950's, so my family association with that club stretches back almost 70 years. Although I am no longer active in the club I have many friends who continue to run in the famous red & white stripes. My son Aaron holds the family bragging rights for the longest run following his chip-recorded 50.4km effort at Relay For Life as an 11 year old. He is my IT Professional who manages every technical aspect of all my websites from hosting through to design & build. Aaron is the programmer who develops all of my wildest ideas into on-screen reality.

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