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Ronald Moreton Grant was a reasonable runner as a schoolboy who showed a preference for longer distances. He attended a talk by legendary coach Arthur Lydiard in New Zealand in the 1960s and became hooked with the long-distance training regime.

Grant's fastest marathon was run in 1969, before he helped to establish the Caboolture District Amateur Athletics Club. He was the organiser of the Queensland Marathon Championship from 1974 to 1982. His sporting & administration achievements were recognised by being awarded the Queensland Sportsman of the Year in 1983, Queenslander of the Year in 1984 & the Medal of the Order of Australia in 1984.

His insatiable desire to run longer distances led to a string of solo long distance runs including his most well-known run around Australia in 1983. This was a 13,383km continuous run, requiring a minimum of 20km every day with no rest days, that he completed in 217 days for an overall average of 61.67km per day.

Following his retirement from active running having achieved all there was to conquer in solo & adventure running, he put efforts into organising races including the Nanango 1000 Mile Track Race, Nanango 5-Day Stage Race (330km), Nanango State Forest Race (50km) & Caboolture Dusk to Dawn 12 Hour Race. During this time he was the first President of the Queensland Ultra Runners Club.

Over his 30 years as an active runner Ron Grant ran 147,692km at an average 96km per week.

1977Bundaberg to Caboolture
1979Sydney to Brisbane
1981Simpson Desert379 km4 Days 11hr 44min
1983Around Australia13,383 km217 Days
1985Simpson Desert379 km3 Days 21hr 40min

Ron is recognised by the Australian Ultra Runners Association in the Hall of Fame.


1986: Desert runners set hot pace Desert race men vow never again
1985: Runner Ron ready for a 400km jog into the unknown Running at night, Ron beats the fiery Simpson Desert
1983: Distance Record A champagne welcome after 8300km run World record on Nullabor
A hero heads for home, 14 pairs of shoes later Champagne, a bit of cake, and the marathon man is off and running Lemon pudding treat for 13,393km on the trot


13/11/1999 QMRRC Rainbow Trail Run37:22:08    
28/10/1995 QMRRC Rainbow Trail Run121:59:04    
01/06/1995 Australian 48 Hour Track Championship12179.600 km
30/04/1995 Mt Mee Classic 50km105:27:05    
25/03/1995 Red Rock to Coffs Harbour125:08:10    
25/02/1995 Caboolture Historical Village Dusk to Dawn 12 Hour Track Race2102.000 km
07/01/1995 Centenary Lakes Track Race1152.101 km
04/12/1994 Nanango State Forest Race287:17:00    
30/08/1993 Nanango South Burnett Pioneer Foot Race643:15:49    
05/06/1993 Queensland 24 Hour Track Championship2172.000 km
28/03/1993 Queensland 6 Hour Fun Run358.560 km
06/12/1992 Nanango State Forest Race56:12:00    
31/10/1992 QMRRC Rainbow Trail Run0DNF    
31/08/1992 Nanango South Burnett Pioneer Foot Race440:17:09    
26/06/1992 Caboolture Multi-Day 48 Hour Track Race1249.000 km
18/11/1990 Campbelltown Australian 6 Day Race20501.568 km
03/11/1990 QMRRC Rainbow Trail Run65:49:24    
08/09/1990 QMRRC Dawn to Dusk 12 Hr Run5101.190 km
25/08/1990 Glasshouse Trail Runs66:36:12    
19/08/1990 Queensland 5 Hour Fun Run1547.600 km
03/03/1990 QMRRC 8 Hr Fun Run2550.000 km
19/11/1989 Campbelltown Australian 6 Day Race13254.400 km
04/11/1989 QMRRC Rainbow Trail Run65:38:24    
02/09/1989 QMRRC 8 Hr Fun Run1371.000 km
15/04/1989 QMRRC Dawn to Dusk 12 Hr Run9103.530 km
05/01/1986 Simpson Desert Crossing189:52:00    
04/01/1985 Simpson Desert Crossing193:40:00    
01/05/1981 Simpson Desert Crossing1107:44:00    
07/10/1979 NSW 50 Miles Championship267:20:05    

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