Percy Cerutty


Updated: 2021-09-19



"Australia's most enigmatic, pioneering & controversial athletics coach."

Percy Wells Cerutty, MBE was the renowned coach of Australian Olympian Herb Elliott, based out of his training camp at Portsea (Victoria). Other notable athletes trained or assisted by him include John Landy, Betty Cuthbert, Albie Thomas, Dave Stephens, Les Perry & Dave Power.

Cerutty retired from coaching in 1969 before being appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire in 1972.


26/08/1950 Victorian Marathon Club 20 Miles92:26:59    
15/07/1950 Victorian Marathon Club 10 Miles151:03:24    
19/11/1949 Victorian Marathon Championship11Unknown    
17/07/1948 Victorian Marathon Club 20 Miles42:23:17    
26/06/1948 Victorian Marathon Club 10 Miles111:07:02    
12/06/1948 Victorian Marathon Club 15 Miles51:45:44    
27/09/1947 Victorian Marathon Championship43:02:06    
14/06/1947 Victorian Marathon Club 15 Miles71:05:05    
10/05/1947 Victorian Marathon Club 10 Miles111:12:24    
21/09/1946 Victorian Marathon Championship52:58:11    

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