Scott Westcott


Updated: 2022-08-22

New South Wales


Track ChampionshipsRoad ChampionshipsOff-Road Championships
2000 Australian Half Marathon
2012 Australian Marathon
2004 Australian Cross Country
International CompetitionOlympic GamesCommonwealth Games
2000 World Half Marathon
2003 World Half Marathon
2005 World Championships
2009 World Championships
2016 Rio de Janeiro2006 Melbourne
World RecordsAustralian RecordsState Records
* Records set en-route to longer distance.
^ Overseas performances not recognised as records before 1969.
# Best on record for Non-Record Events.


12/02/2022 NSW 5000m Open Men's B Race214:54.3  
03/07/2021 Northparkes Oval parkrun115:51    
20/06/2021 Bay To Bay Half Marathon31:07:12    
03/04/2021 Northparkes Oval parkrun2937:15    
12/12/2020 Hunter Region Summer Series Mixed 800m Section 252:06.14 
21/11/2020 NSW 3000m Championship Open Men's C Race68:34.62 
14/11/2020 Hunter Region Summer Series Mixed 1500m Section 254:06.6  
07/07/2019 Gold Coast Marathon182:18:12    
16/06/2019 Bay To Bay Half Marathon11:07:31    
04/05/2019 Sydney 101130:35    
14/04/2019The Canberra Times Canberra Half Marathon51:09:45    
09/03/2019 Newy parkrun5622:35    
23/02/2019 Newy parkrun5122:50    
09/02/2019 Newy parkrun115:19    
12/01/2019 The Terrace parkrun115:53    
25/08/2018 Newy parkrun115:45    
01/07/2018 Gold Coast Marathon382:30:20    
30/06/2018Southern Cross University Gold Coast 10km Run1530:46    
16/06/2018 Newy parkrun115:20    
20/05/2018 Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon101:10:24    
05/05/2018 Sydney 102231:45    
13/01/2018 Newcastle Allcomers Meeting Men's 10000m533:07.45 
11/11/2017 NSW 3000m Championship Open Men's B Race178:45.65 
15/10/2017Medibank Melbourne Marathon Festival Marathon162:29:30    
02/09/2017 Newy parkrun115:45    
24/09/2016 The Terrace parkrun116:20    
21/08/2016 Games of the XXXI Olympiad Men's Marathon812:22:19    
06/08/2016 Newy parkrun115:35    
02/07/2016Asics Gold Coast Half Marathon41:05:55    
11/06/2016 Newy parkrun114:52    
07/05/2016 Sydney 10630:29    
10/04/2016Greater Bank Dubbo Fun Run 8km Run2438:01    
09/04/2016 Dubbo parkrun115:26    
18/10/2015 Fernleigh 152061:00:58    
27/09/2015BMW Berlin Marathon272:15:30    
19/09/2015 Newy parkrun114:45    
23/08/2015Run NSW Greater Bank Sydney Half Marathon11:05:43    
01/08/2015 NSW Short Course Cross Country Championship Open Men's Race123:32    
20/06/2015 NSW Cross Country Championships Open Men's Race540:46    
14/06/2015 Mini Mos Fun Run231:57    
23/01/2015 NSW Country Track & Field Championship Men's 5000m114:59.81 
08/11/2014 NSW 3000m Championship Open Men's B Race28:23.75 
19/10/2014 Fernleigh 15246:17    
11/10/2014 Newy parkrun115:04    
09/08/2014 Newy parkrun217:17    
02/08/2014 Armidale parkrun115:29    
12/04/2014 Fingal Bay parkrun115:13    
06/04/2014Newcastle Herald Hill to Harbour 10km Run132:46    
09/03/2014 Nagoya City Marathon11:04:13    
13/10/2013Medibank Melbourne Marathon Festival Marathon72:14:21    
05/10/2013 Newy parkrun114:23    
14/09/2013 Newy parkrun115:04    
11/08/2013 City 2 Surf543:16    
21/07/2013Coal & Allied Hunter Valley Winery Running Festival Half Marathon11:12:51    
22/06/2013 Lake Mac parkrun114:49    
08/06/2013 Newy parkrun416:52    
04/05/2013 Sydney 10330:38    
16/03/2013 Newy parkrun115:40    
05/01/2013 Newy parkrun115:29    
17/11/2012 Newy parkrun317:05    
14/10/2012Medibank Melbourne Marathon Festival Marathon32:15:59    
06/10/2012 Newy parkrun114:51    
16/09/2012Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Half Marathon21:04:45    
22/07/2012Brooks Caltex Sutherland 2 Surf132:37    
14/07/2012 Newy parkrun215:27    
17/06/2012 Mini Mos Fun Run131:38    
09/06/2012 Newy parkrun115:08    
22/04/2012Virgin Money London Marathon302:22:16    
18/02/2012 Stromlo Running Festival Cross Country322:36    
09/10/2011Flight Centre Melbourne Marathon Festival Half Marathon41:04:10    
20/08/2011 Australian Cross Country Championship Men's Senior 12km336:23    
30/07/2011 NSW Short Course Cross Country Championship Open Male123:26    
02/07/2011Southern Cross University Gold Coast 10km Run330:34    
04/06/2011 Sydney 10430:34    
25/03/2011 NSW Track & Field Championships Men's 1500m Preliminaries153:55.65 
06/06/2010SBS Christchurch Half Marathon41:06:09    
01/05/2010 Sydney 10531:11    
29/11/2009HBA Great Australian Run644:37    
14/11/2009 NSW 3000m Championship Open Men's Race68:14.99 
22/08/2009 IAAF World Championships Men's Marathon572:26:02    
31/05/2009SBS Christchurch Half Marathon11:03:34    
29/03/2009Newcastle Herald Hill to Harbour 10km Run132:23    
29/03/2009Newcastle Herald Hill to Harbour Half Marathon11:08:35    
28/02/2009 Stromlo Running Festival Cross Country1026:10    
22/01/2009 NSW 5000m Open Men's A Race414:10.34 
30/11/2008HBA Great Australian Run844:38    
08/11/2008 Athletics NSW Kings Club Premiership Men's 3000m28:01.63 
01/11/2008Asics Noosa Bolt Elite Male Race714:20    
19/10/2008Skilled Engineering Burnie Ten529:26    
07/09/2008 Bridge to Brisbane130:45    
06/07/2008Asics Gold Coast Half Marathon81:04:46    
15/06/2008 Mini Mos Fun Run230:53    
19/01/2008 Athletics NSW Allcomers 5000m214:03.57 
30/09/2007Real Berlin Marathon172:15:00    
12/08/2007 City 2 Surf642:46    
05/08/2007 Bridge to Brisbane335:01    
01/07/2007Asics Gold Coast Half Marathon41:03:42    
20/05/2007 Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon21:04:50    
18/06/2006 Mini Mos Fun Run230:27    
19/03/2006 XVIII Commonwealth Games Men's Marathon42:16:32    
05/02/2006 Australian Track & Field Championships Men's 5000m814:14.09 
19/01/2006 Sydney Track Classic Men's 5000m114:06.87 
01/12/2005 Zatopek Classic Men's 10000m524:48.96 
19/11/2005Clarion National Series Meeting Men's 5000m313:48.88 
05/11/2005Asics Noosa Bolt Elite Male Race314:09    
09/10/2005Skilled Engineering Burnie Ten329:36    
13/08/2005 IAAF World Championships Men's Marathon272:19:18    
24/07/2005 Sutherland 2 Surf131:34    
22/05/2005 Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon21:04:25    
06/02/2005 Beppu-Ouita Mainichi Marathon22:11:36    
04/12/2004Telstra Zatopek Classic Men's 10000m329:05.78 
10/10/2004LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon82:13:08    
19/09/2004 City-Bay134:56    
29/08/2004 Australian Cross Country Championship Men's Senior 12km136:09.87 
08/08/2004 City 2 Surf642:02    
25/07/2004 Sutherland 2 Surf232:04    
04/07/2004Asics Gold Coast Half Marathon21:03:19    
23/05/2004 Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon31:06:30    
18/04/2004Flora London Marathon142:13:30    
14/03/2004 Weston Creek Half Marathon11:05:00    
26/02/2004 Australian Track & Field Championships Men's 10000m1229:53.47 
12/02/2004 Telstra A-Series Men's 5000m713:52.41 
07/02/2004 ACT Club Competition Men's 3000m18:20.4  
28/01/2004 NSW 5000m Men's Championship214:13.01 
04/10/2003 IAAF World Half Marathon Championship Senior Men's Race491:05:57    
14/09/2003Sunday Telegraph Sydney Running Festival Bridge Run429:47    
16/08/2003 Australian Cross Country Championship Senior Men's 12km336:54    
06/07/2003 Gold Coast Half Marathon81:04:44    
25/05/2003 Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon21:05:37    
13/04/2003 Carlsbad 5000 Men's Race2714:22    
15/03/2003 ACT Track & Field Championship Men's 1500m23:47:57    
01/03/2003 Telstra A-Series Men's 5000m1014:14.86 
22/02/2003 Telstra A-Series Men's 3000m78:08.71 
15/02/2003 Telstra A-Series Men's 5000m214:17.02 
06/02/2003 Telstra A-Series Men's 5000m413:45.25 
23/01/2003Telstra Selection Trial for World Cross Country Championships Men's 8km924:03    
07/12/2002 ACT Club Competition Men's 3000m18:12.75 
07/07/2002 Gold Coast Half Marathon31:03:25    
26/05/2002 Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon11:04:18    
11/05/2002 NSW Road Championship Open Male230:05    
12/04/2002Telstra Australian Track & Field Championships Men's 10000m429:11.15 
16/03/2002 ACT Track & Field Championship Men's 1500m13:50.22 
07/03/2002 Telstra A-Series Men's 5000m513:40.28 
23/02/2002 Telstra A-Series Men's 5000m614:17.97 
12/02/2002 ACT Interclub Men's 3000m18:17.9  
05/02/2002 ACT Interclub Men's 1500m33:51.44 
24/01/2002Telstra Selection Trial for World Cross Country Championships Senior Men's Race1824:40.12 
15/01/2002 ACT Club Competition Men's 3000m48:14.32 
10/11/2001 NSW Athletics Interclub Men's 3000m A Grade28:14.9  
16/02/2001 Sydney Athletics Grand Prix Men's 3000m108:10.8  
11/02/2001 NSW Track & Field Championships Men's 1500m Heat 223:53.56 
11/02/2001 NSW Track & Field Championships Men's 1500m Final53:48.53 
26/01/2001 Australian Cross Country Selection Trial Senior Men's Race1925:52    
04/12/2000 Zatopek Classic Men's 10000m728:59.53 
12/11/2000 IAAF World Half Marathon Championship Senior Men's Race411:08:04    
04/11/2000Gatorade Noosa Bolt Elite Men's Race614:19    
15/10/2000Skilled Engineering Burnie Ten429:32    
27/08/2000Sunrice Noosa Half Marathon11:03:03    
19/08/2000Telstra Australian Olympic Trial Men's 5000m1214:03.98 
17/08/2000Telstra Australian Olympic Trial Men's 10000m629:03.86 
16/07/2000 City 2 Surf542:33    
25/06/2000 Sutherland 2 Surf431:32    
29/05/2000 Bolder Boulder International Men's Challenge1330:48    
21/05/2000 Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon21:05:08    
02/03/2000 Melbourne Track Classic Men's 10000m1430:26.1  
26/02/2000 Australian Track & Field Championships Men's 5000m513:47.72 
11/02/2000Optus Brisbane Grand Prix Men's 5000m1414:05.57 
05/02/2000 Victorian Championship Men's 5000m613:50.12 
30/01/2000Commonwealth Bank Hobart Track Classic Men's 3000m47:58.09 
06/12/1999 Zatopek Classic Men's 10000m428:19.41 
18/11/1999 Athletics Victoria State League Men's 5000m113:33.35 
10/10/1999 Burnie Ten429:14    
31/07/1999 NSW Road Relay Championship 5km014:51    
17/07/1999 NSW Cross Country Relay Championship 4km012:33    
11/07/1999JAL Gold Coast Half Marathon101:04:33    
27/06/1999 Bay to Breakers Fun Run232:49    
19/06/1999 Australian Cross Country Championship Senior Men's Race1240:40    
06/06/1999 NSW Cross Country Championships Open Men's 12km138:02    
08/05/1999 NSW Road Championship Men's 10km130:11    
19/03/1999 Australian Track & Field Championships Men's 5000m1314:07.81 
05/03/1999 NSW Track & Field Championships Men's 1500m Final53:50    
03/03/1999 NSW Track & Field Championships Men's 1500m Heat 213:54.4  
20/02/1999Optus Sydney Athletics Grand Prix Men's 3000m138:06.4  
05/12/1998 Zatopek Classic Men's 10000m1029:17.29 
04/10/1998 Burnie Ten629:50    
29/08/1998 Australian Cross Country Championship Men's Senior 12km637:22    
09/08/1998 City 2 Surf1243:37    
25/07/1998 NSW Cross Country Championships Open Men's 12km239:14    
21/06/1998 Lake Macquarie Running Festival101:12:10    
24/05/1998 Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon81:06:14    
09/05/1998 NSW Road Championship Open Men's 10km330:10    
25/05/1997 Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon51:08:59    
27/01/1997Optus Sydney Athletics Grand Prix Men's 5000m1614:55.77 
01/12/1996 AIS Classic Men's 2 Miles89:07.96 
26/05/1996 Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon111:09:00    
17/05/1992Safety In Action Canberra Half Marathon481:17:58    

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