Madeline Hills (Heiner)


Updated: 2021-09-26

New South Wales


Track ChampionshipsRoad ChampionshipsOff-Road Championships
2004 Commonwealth Youth Games 3000m
2015-16 Australian 3000m Steeplechase
2005 Australian Junior Cross Country
2018 Australian Cross Country
International CompetitionOlympic GamesCommonwealth Games
2004 Commonwealth Youth Games
2004 World Junior Championships
2005 World Cross Country
2006 World Cross Country
2015 World Championships
2017 World Championships
2016 Rio de Janeiro2014 Glasgow
2018 Gold Coast
World RecordsAustralian RecordsState Records
* Records set en-route to longer distance.
^ Overseas performances not recognised as records before 1969.
# Best on record for Non-Record Events.


16/05/2021Science in Sport Great Ocean Road Running Festival Half Marathon131:20:55    
28/02/2021 Sandy Point Half Marathon121:15:50    
10/03/2020 Melbourne University Athletics Club Mixed C Race2117:00    
23/01/2020 Victorian Milers Club Women's 1500m A Race34:25.46 
18/01/2020 Go For 2&5 Track & Field Mixed 1500m74:25.07 
28/12/2019 Maribyrnong parkrun416:10    
23/11/2019 Athletics ACT Women's 3000m29:20.9  
10/11/2019 Canberra Times Fun Run733:35.9  
13/10/2019Asics Melbourne Marathon Festival 10km Run2133:52    
28/09/2019 Clare Valley parkrun217:16    
15/09/2019Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Bridge Run6837:42    
26/08/2019The Sunday Mail Bridge to Brisbane5734:53    
10/08/2019 Rhodes parkrun217:50    
28/07/2019Runner's World Run Melbourne Fun Run2237:36.3  
20/07/2019 Maribyrnong parkrun418:10    
06/07/2019 Maribyrnong parkrun719:01    
22/06/2019 Rhodes parkrun7423:58    
03/11/2018Asics Noosa Bolt2116:25    
16/09/2018 City-Bay42351:25    
25/08/2018 Australian Cross Country Championship Women's Senior 10km137:32    
21/07/2018 KBC Night of Athletics Women's 5000m515:06.19 
14/07/2018 Guldensporenmeeting Women's 1500m Heat 254:11.31 
11/07/2018 Meeting Internazionale Sport Solidariet√† Women's 1500m64:12.02 
30/06/2018Southern Cross University Gold Coast 10km Run4032:32    
16/06/2018 Athletics Victoria Bundoora Park Open Women's 8km133:33.773
02/06/2018 Leonora Golden Gift Elite Women's Mile Heat 114:51.72 
02/06/2018 Leonora Golden Gift Elite Women's Mile Final24:40.51 
27/05/2018HBF Run For A Reason Commonwealth Bank 4km363432:22.63 
13/05/2018 Mothers Day Classic - Adelaide225:22    
13/05/2018 Mothers Day Classic - Adelaide115:04    
14/04/2018 XXI Commonwealth Games Women's 5000m1015:46.92 
09/04/2018 XXI Commonwealth Games Women's 10000m832:01.04 
16/02/2018 Australian Track & Field Championships Women's 5000m215:35.5  
14/01/2018 Cadbury 10k433:57    
17/09/2017 City-Bay4642:54    
10/08/2017 IAAF World Championships Women's 5000m Heat 21015:13.77 
05/08/2017 IAAF World Championships Women's 10000m2632:48.57 
22/07/2017 KBC Night of Athletics Women's 5000m915:12.63 
26/05/2017 Prefontaine Classic Women's 5000m1315:15.18 
05/05/2017 Payton Jordan Invitational Women's 10000m731:41.1  
18/09/2016 City-Bay2340:21    
09/09/2016 Memorial Van Damme Women's 5000m1215:04.56 
27/08/2016 IAAF Diamond League Women's 3000m129:36.23 
27/08/2016 Meeting de Paris Women's 3000m Steeplechase129:36.23 
19/08/2016 Games of the XXXI Olympiad Women's 5000m Final1015:04.5  
16/08/2016 Games of the XXXI Olympiad Women's 5000m Heat 1615:21.33 
15/08/2016 Games of the XXXI Olympiad Women's 3000m Steeplechase Final79:20.38 
13/08/2016 Games of the XXXI Olympiad Women's 3000m Steeplechase Heat 259:24.16 
23/07/2016 Anniversary Games Women's 3000m Steeplechase0DNF    
16/07/2016 KBC Night of Athletics Women's 1500m44:06.47 
02/07/2016Southern Cross University Gold Coast 10km Run7134:44    
16/06/2016 BAUHAUS-Galan Women's 3000m Steeplechase59:28.75 
09/06/2016ExxonMobil Bislett Games Women's 3000m Steeplechase49:24.73 
06/05/2016 IAAF Diamond League Women's 3000m168:59.34 
03/04/2016 Australian Track & Field Championships Women's 3000m Steeplechase19:38.63 
19/03/2016 Sydney Track Classic Women's 1500m54:12.48 
05/03/2016 IAAF World Challenge Women's 3000m Steeplechase19:34.44 
20/02/2016 Adelaide Track Classic Women's 1500m14:11.78 
30/01/2016 Hunter Track Classic Women's 1500m44:12.39 
16/01/2016 Illawarra Track Classic Mixed 800m22:06.13 
27/08/2015 IAAF World Championships Women's 5000m Heat 1915:47.97 
24/08/2015 IAAF World Championships Women's 3000m Steeplechase Heat 149:30.79 
02/08/2015 Flinders University Fitzy's 5815:36    
12/07/2015Real Insurance Sydney Harbour 10532:21    
07/06/2015 Birmingham Grand Prix Women's 3000m Steeplechase89:41.28 
04/06/2015Wanda Diamond League Roma Golden Gala Women's 3000m Steeplechase59:21.56 
24/05/2015AA Drink FBK Games Women's 3000m38:44:20    
15/05/2015 IAAF Diamond League Women's 3000m Steeplechase69:28.41 
02/05/2015 Payton Jordan Invitational Women's 5000m715:11.17 
21/03/2015 IAAF World Challenge Women's 3000m Steeplechase19:31.03 
15/03/2015 Sydney Track Classic Women's 5000m215:21.09 
07/02/2015 Canberra Track Classic Women's 1500m44:13.3  
31/01/2015 Hunter Track Classic Women's 5000m115:43.26 
25/01/2015 Briggs Athletics Classic Women's 1500m14:15.94 
25/12/2014 Sandon Point parkrun1321:41    
11/12/2014 Zatopek: 10 Women's 10000m332:44.71 
24/11/2014 Chiba International Ekiden Women's Leg 2515:37    
08/11/2014 NSW 3000m Championship Open Women's A Race29:12.61 
21/09/2014 City-Bay1940:16    
30/07/2014 XX Commonwealth Games Women's 3000m Steeplechase49:34.01 
11/07/2014 Glasgow British Athletics Grand Prix Women's 3000m Steeplechase79:36.31 
06/07/2014 Meeting Citta Di Padova Women's 3000m79:07.73 
15/06/2014B&E Launceston 102532:50    
21/05/2014 IAAF World Challenge Women's 3000m Steeplechase79:58.15 
11/05/2014 Mothers Day Classic - Adelaide314:20    
03/05/2014 Sydney 103433:01    
06/04/2014 Australian Track & Field Championships Women's 5000m416:03.17 
05/04/2014 Australian Track & Field Championships Women's 3000m Steeplechase29:48.25 
15/03/2014 Sydney Track Classic Women's 5000m215:27.75 
15/02/2014 Adelaide Track Classic Women's 5000m216:04.31 
01/02/2014 Briggs Athletics Classic Women's 1500m44:14.74 
18/01/2014 Hunter Track Classic Women's 3000m Steeplechase110:03.94 
11/01/2014 NSW Club Championships Women's 1500m14:22.97 
08/09/2013 Bathurst Edgell Jog10351:07:16    
14/07/2013Real Insurance Sydney Harbour 102634:13    
19/05/2013 Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon66751:59:45    
12/05/2013 Mothers Day Classic - Adelaide1026:01    
14/04/2013 Flinders University Run2540:40.7  
20/05/2012 Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon10861:36:19    
15/05/2011 Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon11741:33:52    
16/05/2010 Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon8161:33:58    
14/05/2006 Mothers Day Classic - Sydney813:34    
01/04/2006 IAAF World Cross Country Championship U20 Women's Race1820:39    
03/03/2006 Telstra A-Series Women's 1500m54:23.23 
18/02/2006 Athletics Australia Invitational Women's Mile74:41.89 
05/02/2006 Australian Track & Field Championships Women's 3000m Steeplechase510:08.82 
26/01/2006 Telstra A-Series Women's 3000m19:38.97 
19/01/2006 Sydney Track Classic Women's 3000m Steeplechase39:56.54 
14/01/2006 Athletics NSW Women's 1500m Championship54:22.85 
13/01/2006 NSW Track & Field Championships Women's 1500m54:22.85 
06/01/2006 Briggs Athletics Classic Women's 1500m54:18.76 
03/01/2006 ACT Club Competition Women's 3000m Steeplechase19:57.01 
17/12/2005 Athletics NSW Women's 1500m14:26.28 
23/11/2005 Chiba International Ekiden Women's Leg 31016:43    
27/08/2005 Australian Cross Country Championship U20 Women's Race121:47    
19/03/2005 IAAF World Cross Country Championship U20 Women's Race1621:52    
04/03/2005 Australian Track & Field Championships Women's 1500m Heat 244:25.87 
25/02/2005 Sydney University Track Classic Women's 1500m24:18.74 
19/02/2005 Telstra A-Series Women's 1500m54:20.06 
17/02/2005 Telstra A-Series Women's 1500m64:18.37 
05/02/2005 Telstra A-Series Women's 3000m79:29.35 
25/01/2005 ACT Club Competition Women's 1500m24:27.77 
12/12/2004 Australian All Schools Championship U18 Girl's 1500m24:25.87 
10/12/2004 Australian All Schools Championship U18 Girl's 3000m19:35.11 
03/12/2004 Commonwealth Youth Games Women's 3000m19:42.95 
02/12/2004 Commonwealth Youth Games Women's 1500m34:32.13 
27/11/2004 Athletics Victoria Interclub Mixed 800m32:12    
24/11/2004 Athletics Victoria State League Women's 1500m14:31.99 
17/11/2004 Athletics Victoria State League Women's 800m02:11.61 
10/10/2004 NSW All Schools Girl's U18 3000m19:37.37 
09/10/2004 NSW All Schools Girl's U18 1500m14:35.22 
16/07/2004 IAAF World Junior Championships Women's 1500m Heat 294:25.13 
03/07/2004 GBR-AUS Junior Match Women's 1500m24:24.83 
27/06/2004 Queensland Athletics Women's 800m32:12.52 
26/06/2004 Queensland Athletics Women's 1500m24:28.32 
05/06/2004 Winter Classic Women's 1500m14:26.8  
26/03/2004 Australian Track & Field Championships U18 Women's 3000m19:54.47 
13/03/2004 Athletics NSW U18 Women's 3000m19:42.38 
29/02/2004 Australian Track & Field Championships U20 Women's 1500m24:27.9  
12/02/2004 Telstra A-Series Women's 1500m94:24.54 
30/01/2004 Telstra A-Series Women's 1500m74:25.95 
13/12/2003 Australian All Schools Championship U18 Women's 800m Final22:10.67 
11/12/2003 Australian All Schools Championship U18 Women's 800m Heat 122:14.14 
11/12/2003 Australian All Schools Championship U18 Women's 1500m24:30.04 
22/11/2003 Athletics NSW Kings Club Premiership Women's 1500m34:35.4  
16/11/2003 Illawarra Blue Stars Wollongong Street Mile144:44.4  
08/11/2003 Athletics NSW Women's 800m52:13.33 
10/05/2003 NSW Road Championship Junior Women's Race115:16    
10/01/2003 Australian Youth Olympic Festival Women's 1500m34:34.7  
16/11/2002 Athletics NSW Junior Women's 800m62:12.1  
21/08/1999 Kembla Joggers 3 Miles6422:37    
24/07/1999 Kembla Joggers 3 Miles1719:02    
24/04/1999 Kembla Joggers 3 Miles Handicap6420:20    
11/07/1998 Kembla Joggers 3 Miles6720:48    
04/07/1998 NSW Cross Country Relay Championship 2km08:01    

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