John Russell


Updated: 2021-03-07

New South Wales


Track ChampionshipsRoad ChampionshipsOff-Road Championships
1956 Australian Marathon
1958 Australian Marathon

International CompetitionOlympic GamesCommonwealth Games
1956 Melbourne1958 Cardiff
World RecordsAustralian RecordsState Records
* Records set en-route to longer distance.
^ Overseas performances not recognised as records before 1969.
# Best on record for Non-Record Events.


04/06/1960 Australian Marathon Championship42:30:47.8  
19/09/1959 NSW Championship Marathon22:39:21    
24/07/1958 VI British Empire & Commonwealth Games Men's Marathon112:34:57    
23/03/1958 Australian Marathon Championship12:40:30    
21/09/1957 NSW Championship Marathon12:32:20    
01/12/1956 Games of the XVI Olympiad Men's Marathon182:41:44    
08/09/1956 Australian Marathon Championship12:26:37.8  
04/08/1956 NSW Championship Marathon32:25:44    
24/09/1955 NSW Championship Marathon32:33:24    
25/09/1954 NSW Championship Marathon32:37:46    
24/10/1953 Victorian Marathon Championship63:04:44    
26/09/1953 Australian Marathon Championship62:34:21    
15/08/1953 NSW Championship Marathon42:37:23    

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