Harry Summers


Updated: 2022-02-05

New South Wales


Track ChampionshipsRoad ChampionshipsOff-Road Championships
2011-12 Australian 5000m2014 Australian Road Running2009 Australian Junior Cross Country
2011 Australian U23 Cross Country
International CompetitionOlympic GamesCommonwealth Games
2009 World Cross Country
2012 World Half Marathon
2019 World Cross Country
2014 Glasgow
World RecordsAustralian RecordsState Records
* Records set en-route to longer distance.
^ Overseas performances not recognised as records before 1969.
# Best on record for Non-Record Events.


06/06/2021 Oatley Park Fun Run317:39    
14/12/2019 Zatopek 10 Men's 10000m828:35.13 
15/09/2019 City-Bay1236:29    
31/08/2019 Stadionmila Men's 10000m327:53.8  
21/08/2019 Morton Games Albie Thomas Memorial Men's 5000m513:34    
11/08/2019 City 2 Surf140:05    
14/07/2019 Athletics Victoria Lakeside 10 Open Men128:34.51 
28/06/2019 Oceania Athletics Championship Men's 10000m129:19.99 
15/06/2019 Athletics Victoria Bundoora Park Open Men's 10km130:04.157
01/06/2019 Athletics Victoria St Annes Winery Open Men525:16.11 
02/05/2019 Payton Jordan Invitational Men's 10000m327:56.98 
07/04/2019Herald Sun / Transurban Run For The Kids137:55    
30/03/2019 IAAF World Cross Country Championship Senior Men's Race5634:23    
17/02/2019Bank Of Us Run The Bridge228:35    
07/02/2019 Box Hill Classic Men's 3000m17:51.63 
12/12/2018 Zatopek 10 Men's 10000m429:20.56 
15/11/2018 Victorian Championship Men's 5000m114:08.6  
08/11/2018 Victorian Milers Club Men's 3000m A Race18:00.6  
14/10/2018Asics Melbourne Marathon Festival 10km Run129:23    
25/08/2018 Australian Cross Country Championship Men's Senior 10km1935:17    
04/08/2018 Athletics Victoria Lake Wendouree Open Men's 15km246:29    
22/07/2018 Athletics Victoria Albert Park Open Men's 10km629:24.823
23/06/2018 Darebin parkrun115:45    
16/06/2018 Athletics Victoria Bundoora Park Open Men's 10km430:24.317
26/05/2018 Athletics Victoria Cruden Farm Open Men's 12km637:37.163
18/03/2018 Big V Trail Series Field Of Dreams Sunset Run81:04:51    
07/03/2018Brooks Sunset Series Tom's Block128:14    
09/12/2017 Marriott Waters parkrun115:41    
25/11/2017 Hachioji Long Distance Meet Men's 10000m1928:23.97 
05/11/2017 Carcoar Cup Running Festival11:04:25    
08/10/2017 Sharks 10 Community Fun Run432:07    
23/09/2017 The Ireland Funds Global 5k520:12    
20/08/2017Westpac Sunshine Coast 10k129:51    
13/08/2017 City 2 Surf142:16    
06/08/2017 The Bay Run120:20    
30/07/2017 Westlink M7 Blacktown Running Festival130:31    
23/07/2017Payce Sutherland 2 Surf334:52    
26/02/2017Westfund Health Orange Running Festival 10km Run233:53    
23/10/2016B&E Burnie Ten1031:57    
09/10/2016 Sharks 10 Community Fun Run131:29    
13/08/2016 City 2 Surf142:00    
10/07/2016Real Insurance Sydney Harbour 10129:35    
30/06/2016Herald Sun / City Link Run For The Kids148:30    
19/06/2016 Mini Mos Fun Run131:05    
29/05/2016 Rockdale City Community Fun Run114:58    
15/05/2016 Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon31:08:35    
07/05/2016 Sydney 101031:35    
27/02/2016Athletes Foot Orange Running Festival Half Marathon11:07:45    
05/12/2015 Zatopek 10 Men's 10000m428:42.97 
18/10/2015Medibank Melbourne Marathon Festival 10km Run128:58    
11/10/2015 Sharks 10 Community Fun Run027:36    
20/09/2015Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Bridge Run126:59    
14/06/2015 Mini Mos Fun Run131:35    
10/05/2015 Mothers Day Classic - Sydney125:35    
10/05/2015 Mothers Day Classic - Sydney112:47    
26/04/2015 Oatley Park Fun Run114:37    
28/02/2015Hotel Canobolas Orange Running Festival 5km Run115:04    
08/02/2015 Australian Cross Country Selection Trial Senior Men's Race235:05    
07/12/2014Belle Property Balmain Fun Run134:23    
08/11/2014 NSW 3000m Championship Open Men's A Race108:17.64 
02/11/2014 Carcoar Cup Running Festival11:05:22    
19/10/2014B&E Burnie Ten1133:27    
07/09/2014 Bridge to Brisbane129:32    
07/09/2014 Bridge to Brisbane114:07    
31/08/2014Chevron City to Surf 12k238:34    
01/08/2014 XX Commonwealth Games Men's 10000m1829:00.56 
13/07/2014Real Insurance Sydney Harbour 10529:40    
15/06/2014 Mini Mos Fun Run132:00    
03/05/2014 Sydney 10129:34    
27/04/2014 Oatley Park Fun Run115:09    
02/03/201469th Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon512:21:23    
01/02/2014 Briggs Athletics Classic Men's 5000m814:09.44 
12/12/2013 Zatopek 10 Men's 10000m328:16.05 
01/12/2013Belle Property Balmain Fun Run132:28    
17/11/2013Garmin Point 2 Pinnacle11:24:09    
03/11/2013 Carcoar Cup Running Festival11:05:23    
15/09/2013 City-Bay335:12    
25/08/2013Chevron City to Surf 12k236:54    
19/05/2013 Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon21:04:56    
04/05/2013 Sydney 10129:36    
28/04/2013 Oatley Park Fun Run114:48    
13/04/2013 Australian Track & Field Championships Men's 5000m313:57.04 
21/03/2013 Athletics NSW GWS Summer Series Men's 5000m314:05.83 
06/10/2012 IAAF World Half Marathon Championship Senior Men's Race241:04:13    
26/08/2012Chevron City to Surf 12k136:10    
12/08/2012 City 2 Surf242:22    
08/07/2012Real Insurance Sydney Harbour 105036:10    
01/07/2012Asics Gold Coast Half Marathon21:03:32    
23/06/2012 Athletics Victoria Brimbank Park Open Men's 16km150:40.7  
17/06/2012B&E Launceston 10329:02    
26/05/2012 Athletics Victoria Big V10 Open Men129:37.8  
20/05/2012 Gifu Seiryu Half Marathon131:04:26    
29/04/2012 Payton Jordan Invitational Men's 10000m2128:13.23 
14/04/2012 Australian Track & Field Championships Men's 5000m114:03.84 
03/03/2012 IAAF World Challenge Men's 5000m813:42.78 
04/02/2012 Briggs Athletics Classic Men's 5000m413:34.58 
10/12/2011 Zatopek 10 Men's 10000m628:39.04 
23/11/2011 Chiba International Ekiden Men's Leg 3428:59    
16/10/2011 Sir Barry Curtis Track Race129:42.1  
10/09/2011 Bathurst Edgell Jog123:37    
28/08/2011Chevron City to Surf 12k236:51    
20/08/2011 Australian Cross Country Championship Men's Senior 12km436:29    
14/08/2011 City 2 Surf441:43    
24/07/2011Brooks Caltex Sutherland 2 Surf231:37    
19/06/2011 Mini Mos Fun Run130:34    
04/06/2011 Sydney 10330:18    
15/05/2011 Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon31:05:53    
08/05/2011 Mothers Day Classic - Sydney111:17    
26/02/2011 Athletics NSW Men's 5000m114:35.01 
13/11/2010 NSW 3000m Championship Open Men's A Race148:36.37 
17/10/2010Skilled Engineering Burnie Ten1733:34    
29/08/2010Channel 9 City to Surf 12k238:04    
21/08/2010 Australian Cross Country Championship Senior Men's 12km3241:12    
20/06/2010 Mini Mos Fun Run231:31    
16/05/2010 Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon21:06:44    
18/03/2010 Athletics NSW Allcomers 5000m114:21.52 
06/02/2010 Hunter Track Classic Men's 3000m108:20.9  
13/09/2009Bupa Great Capital Run1214:41    
29/08/2009 Australian Cross Country Championship U20 Men's 8km126:11    
09/08/2009 City 2 Surf742:35    
04/07/2009Southern Cross University Gold Coast 10km Run229:57    
30/05/2009 Athletics Victoria Sandown Skins429:58    
10/05/2009 Mothers Day Classic - Parramatta124:35    
10/05/2009 Mothers Day Classic - Parramatta111:48    
28/03/2009 IAAF World Cross Country Championship U20 Men's Race2924:52    
30/01/2009 Briggs Athletics Classic Men's 5000m914:15.69 
22/01/2009 NSW 5000m Open Men's A Race714:26.38 
11/12/2008 Zatopek Classic Men's U20 3000m48:24.5  
08/11/2008 Athletics NSW Kings Club Premiership Men's 3000m168:27.71 
25/10/2008 Athletics NSW Kings Club Premiership Men's 5000m314:41.8  
21/09/2008Sunday Telegraph Sydney Running Festival Bridge Run327:26    
23/08/2008 Australian Cross Country Championship Men's U20 8km424:59    
13/12/2007Telstra Zatopek Classic Men's U20 3000m198:50.24 

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