Kerryn McCann (Hindmarsh)


Updated: 2022-09-17

New South Wales


Track ChampionshipsRoad ChampionshipsOff-Road Championships
1987-88 Australian Mile
2001-02 Australian 10000m
1993 Australian Half Marathon
1998 Australian Half Marathon
2002 Commonwealth Games Marathon
2006 Commonwealth Games Marathon
2006 Australian Half Marathon
1992 Australian Cross Country
1999 Australian Cross Country
2000 Australian Cross Country
International CompetitionOlympic GamesCommonwealth Games
1988 World Cross Country
1993 World Half Marathon
1993 World Cross Country
1994 World Cross Country
1995 World Championships
1995 World Cross Country
1999 World Championships
1999 World Cross Country
2002 World Half Marathon
1996 Atlanta
2000 Sydney
2004 Athens
1994 Victoria
2002 Manchester
2006 Melbourne
World RecordsAustralian RecordsState Records
* Records set en-route to longer distance.
^ Overseas performances not recognised as records before 1969.
# Best on record for Non-Record Events.


17/09/2006Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Half Marathon191:15:58    
20/08/2006Viridian Noosa Half Marathon171:18:11    
06/08/2006Sportsmed Townsville 10.5km Fun Run638:29    
01/07/2006Telstra Countrywide Gold Coast 10km Run5636:11    
18/06/2006 Mini Mos Fun Run936:18    
21/05/2006 Great Ocean Road Running Festival Half Marathon91:24:04    
15/04/2006Old Mutual Two Oceans Half Marathon871:14:08    
19/03/2006 XVIII Commonwealth Games Women's Marathon12:30:54    
02/02/2006 Australian Track & Field Championships Women's 10000m233:01.19 
19/01/2006 Sydney Track Classic Women's 5000m315:43.46 
20/11/2005 Tokyo International Women's Marathon142:39:35    
05/11/2005Asics Noosa Bolt Elite Female Race215:56    
09/10/2005Skilled Engineering Burnie Ten033:40    
18/09/2005 City-Bay1539:58    
14/08/2005 City 2 Surf3646:27    
24/07/2005 Sutherland 2 Surf2435:32    
17/07/2005 Shoalhaven King Of The Mountain62:12:09    
05/06/2005Coca Cola Zero Rock 'n Roll San Diego02:32:29    
15/05/2005Albertsons Bay To Breakers4941:03    
01/05/2005 Lilac Bloomsday Run4439:57    
06/03/2005City of Los Angeles Marathon0DNF    
17/02/2005 Telstra A-Series Women's 5000m215:41.76 
05/02/2005 Telstra A-Series Women's 3000m49:12.45 
07/11/2004ING New York City Marathon562:32:06    
10/10/2004Skilled Engineering Burnie Ten1633:29    
22/08/2004 Games of the XXVIII Olympiad Women's Marathon312:41:41    
25/07/2004 Sutherland 2 Surf1636:42    
04/07/2004Asics Gold Coast Half Marathon261:11:08    
20/06/2004 Jakarta International Road Race033:41    
23/05/2004 Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon141:12:17    
08/05/2004 NSW Track & Field Championships Women's 10000m133:25    
28/03/2004 Nike Womens Classic134:06    
15/06/2003 Nike Womens Classic1239:55    
02/05/2003 Nike Womens Classic739:58    
30/03/2003 Nike Womens Classic1541:09    
26/01/2003 Osaka International Women's Marathon0DNF    
03/11/2002ING New York City Marathon372:27:51    
13/10/2002 High Five1428:54    
06/10/2002Bupa Great North Run Half Marathon01:13:26    
15/09/2002Sunday Telegraph Sydney Running Festival Bridge Run1332:23    
01/09/2002Lipton Ice Tea Noosa Half Marathon221:13:55    
28/07/2002 XVII Commonwealth Games Women's Marathon12:30:05    
18/07/2002 Winchester City Centre Road Run016:08    
06/07/2002 Australian Cross Country Selection Trial Senior Women's 8km127:11    
16/06/2002 Nike Womens Classic133:40    
26/05/2002 Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon131:11:06    
05/05/2002 IAAF World Half Marathon Championship Women's Half Marathon111:09:47    
11/04/2002Telstra Australian Track & Field Championships Senior Women's Race133:20.72 
04/04/2002 Athletics Victoria Interclub Women's 5000m116:03.11 
03/03/2002 Fukuoka International Cross Country1116:25    
27/01/2002 Osaka International Women's Marathon42:28:30    
06/12/2001Telstra Zatopek Classic Women's 10000m233:06.28 
25/11/2001 Olympic Dream Fun Run037:20    
17/11/2001 Athletics NSW Women's 5000m116:56.9  
17/11/2001 NSW Athletics Interclub Women's 5000m A Grade116:56.9  
07/10/2001LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon352:26:04    
07/09/2001 Goodwill Games Women's 10000m732:43.67 
12/08/2001 City 2 Surf5146:46    
17/06/2001 Sussan Women's Classic234:26    
01/03/2001Telstra Melbourne Track Classic Women's 3000m39:01.78 
26/01/2001 Australian Cross Country Selection Trial Senior Women's 6km220:42    
26/01/2001 Australian Cross Country Selection Trial Senior Women's Race220:42    
05/11/2000 New York City Marathon522:30:39    
24/09/2000 Games of the XXVII Olympiad Women's Marathon112:28:37    
08/09/2000 Queensland Athletics Women's 5000m115:08.69 
19/08/2000Telstra Australian Olympic Trial Women's 5000m315:28.76 
05/08/2000 Australian Cross Country Championship Senior Women's 8km127:02.3  
02/07/2000 Sapporo International Half Marathon01:13:41    
16/04/2000Flora London Marathon02:25:59    
24/02/2000 Australian Track & Field Championships Women's 10000m533:08.62 
13/02/2000Optus Sydney Athletics Grand Prix Women's 5000m315:17.83 
30/01/2000Commonwealth Bank Hobart Track Classic Women's 3000m18:56.42 
10/01/2000 Tokyo City Half Marathon01:07:48    
06/12/1999 Zatopek Classic Women's 10000m131:55.94 
18/11/1999 Athletics Victoria State League Women's 5000m115:19.87 
06/11/1999 Athletics NSW Mixed 3000m08:50.4  
10/10/1999 Burnie Ten032:08    
29/08/1999 IAAF World Championships Women's Marathon232:38:31    
07/08/1999CGU London Grand Prix Women's 5000m1016:11.56 
11/07/1999JAL Gold Coast 10km Run033:30    
19/06/1999 Australian Cross Country Championship Senior Women's Race128:52    
18/04/1999Flora London Marathon02:28:44    
27/03/1999 IAAF World Cross Country Championship Senior Women's Race1829:26    
20/03/1999 Australian Track & Field Championships Women's 5000m516:02.23 
13/03/1999Optus Brisbane Grand Prix Women's 5000m215:36.42 
25/02/1999 Melbourne Track Classic Women's 5000m315:24.28 
20/02/1999Optus Sydney Athletics Grand Prix Women's 3000m18:54.41 
07/02/1999 Australian Cross Country Selection Trial Women's Senior 6km119:24.22 
15/01/1999 Tokyo City Half Marathon01:09:05    
05/12/1998 Zatopek Classic Women's 10000m232:23.79 
21/11/1998 Athletics NSW Mixed 5000m115:38.3  
04/10/1998 Burnie Ten033:43    
29/08/1998 Australian Cross Country Championship Women's Senior 8km227:09    
09/08/1998 City 2 Surf8148:10    
26/07/1998 Sutherland 2 Surf035:40    
04/07/1998 NSW Cross Country Relay Championship 4km013:46    
21/06/1998 Australian Half Marathon Women's Championship11:14:28    
21/06/1998 Lake Macquarie Running Festival201:14:49    
24/05/1998 Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon551:16:37    
21/03/1998 Kembla Joggers 3 Miles516:16    
28/07/1996 Games of the XXVI Olympiad Women's Marathon282:36:41    
15/04/1996John Hancock Boston Marathon7962:48:01    
29/02/1996 NEC Classic016:49.67 
26/01/1996Optus Adelaide Grand Prix Women's 5000m616:24.78 
14/12/1995 Zatopek Classic Women's 10000m1034:04.81 
19/11/1995Herald Sun Olympic Dream Fun Run015:51.68 
17/09/1995 Burnie Ten033:26    
05/08/1995 IAAF World Championships Women's Marathon152:36:29    
02/04/1995Nutrasweet London Marathon02:33:23    
25/03/1995 IAAF World Cross Country Championship Senior Women's Race7922:08    
05/03/1995 Australian Track & Field Championships Women's 5000m516:33.93 
23/02/1995Optus Grand Prix Meeting Women's 5000m515:44.26 
04/02/1995Optus Brisbane Grand Prix Women's 5000m516:14.98 
15/12/1994 Zatopek Classic Women's 10000m332:53.61 
23/11/1994 Chiba International Ekiden Women's Leg 6823:44    
27/08/1994 XV Commonwealth Games Women's Marathon102:40:10    
26/06/1994 Australian Half Marathon Women's Championship21:15:23    
22/05/1994 Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon431:14:00    
26/03/1994 IAAF World Cross Country Championship Senior Women's Race9822:26    
10/03/1994 Australian Track & Field Championships Women's 3000m39:14.27 
30/01/1994 Osaka International Women's Marathon112:34:08    
16/12/1993Victorian Marathon Club Victorian Marathon Club Emil Zatopek Trophy Elite Women's 10000m433:05.6  
23/11/1993 Chiba International Ekiden Women's Leg 3434:21    
03/10/1993 IAAF World Half Marathon Championship Women's Half Marathon381:14:11    
18/07/1993JAL Gold Coast Marathon582:40:09    
03/07/1993 NSW Cross Country Championships Senior Women's Race122:07    
20/06/1993 Australian Half Marathon Women's Championship11:16:37    
23/05/1993 Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon561:14:36    
23/11/1992 Chiba International Ekiden Women's Leg 51418:18    
29/08/1992 Australian Cross Country Championship Senior Women's 6km121:15    
25/07/1992 NSW Cross Country Championships Senior Women's Race119:23    
21/06/1992 Australian Half Marathon Women's Championship21:15:50    
24/05/1992 Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon581:15:36    
17/05/1992Safety In Action Canberra Half Marathon311:15:55    
05/03/1989City of Los Angeles Marathon02:45:17    
24/07/1988 Gold Coast International Marathon02:44:05    
24/04/1988 Sussan Women's Fun Run 10km Run/Walk634:07    
26/03/1988 IAAF World Cross Country Championship Senior Women's Race10421:33    
10/01/1988 Australian Track & Field Championships Women's Mile14:46.03 
29/08/1987 Australian Cross Country Championship Senior Women's 8km1128:49    
19/07/1987 Australian Road Running Championship Senior Women's Race754:41    
08/06/1986Budget Australian Marathon1542:54:39    
20/04/1986St George Building Society Happy Dragon Marathon93:12:17    
12/05/1985St George Building Society Happy Dragon Marathon03:25:xx    

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