Alfred Wheatley


Updated: 2022-12-28



Alfred Wheatley won Australian Championships over one mile & half mile distances in 1905 prior to representing Australia at the 1906 Intercalated Games in Athens (Greece). The Intercalated Games were conducted by the International Olympic Committee as an international multisport festival equivalent to the Olympic Games, and was referred to as the second Athens Olympic Games at the time.

Wheatley again won the Australian half & one mile championship events in 1909 and while training to gain selection for the 1912 Olympic Games he broke down & was forced to retire from competitive athletics.

Track ChampionshipsRoad ChampionshipsOff-Road Championships
1903-04 Victorian 880 Yards
1904-05 Victorian 880 Yards
1905-06 Australian 880 Yards
1905-06 Australian Mile
1909-10 Victorian 880 Yards
1909-10 Australian 880 Yards
1909-10 Australian Mile
1910-11 Victorian Mile
International CompetitionOlympic GamesCommonwealth Games
 1906 Athens Intercalated Games
World RecordsAustralian RecordsState Records
* Records set en-route to longer distance.
^ Overseas performances not recognised as records before 1969.
# Best on record for Non-Record Events.


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