Andrew Lloyd


Updated: 2021-09-26

New South Wales


Andrew Lloyd is an English-born Australian distance runner who rose to fame by winning numerous high-profile Australian road races & fun runs throughout the 1980s & 1990s. Arguably the highlight of Lloyd's career was his last lap come-from-behind victory in the Auckland Commonwealth Games 5000m event in 1990.

Five years prior to this victory, Lloyd was involved in a devastating car crash that claimed the life of his wife & left him in traction with doctors advising that his running career was over. He worked closely with coach Dick Telford at the Australian Institute of Sport through his rehabilitation & just over a year later returned to racing at the 1986 City 2 Surf where he claimed his third victory in this iconic fun run.

Lloyd continued to work harder and despite the pain that came with every run he went on to represent Australia at World Championships, Olympic & Commonwealth Games in a successful comeback. Following retirement Lloyd continued to run regularly for fitness with his family & he owns a sports company that imports products for athletes.

Track ChampionshipsRoad ChampionshipsOff-Road Championships
1982 NSW 1500m
1982 NSW 5000m
1984-85 Australian 5000m
1984-85 Australian 10000m
1986-87 Australian 10000m
1987-88 Australian 5000m
1988-89 Australian 10000m
1989-90 Australian 1500m
1991-92 Australian Mile
1991-92 Australian 5000m
1984 Australian Marathon
1986 Australian Road Running
1993 Australian Cross Country
International CompetitionOlympic GamesCommonwealth Games
1985 Pacific Conference Games
1985 World Cross Country
1989 World Cup
1989 World Cross Country
1991 World Championships
1988 Seoul1990 Auckland
World RecordsAustralian RecordsState Records
Australian 3000m - 7m 45.95s - 2 Dec 1990
* Records set en-route to longer distance.
^ Overseas performances not recognised as records before 1969.
# Best on record for Non-Record Events.


17/09/2017Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Half Marathon64902:28:31    
23/07/2016Payce Sutherland 2 Surf34849:46    
05/07/2015Southern Cross University Gold Coast 10km Run140252:55    
16/06/2013B&E Launceston 1012101:06:20    
12/08/2012 City 2 Surf75521:08:28    
19/09/2010Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Half Marathon331:19:28    
08/08/2010 City 2 Surf14841:01:40    
25/07/2010Brooks Caltex Sutherland 2 Surf25546:12    
03/07/2010Asics Gold Coast Half Marathon9111:37:09    
16/05/2010 Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon1711:21:09    
01/11/2009ING New York City Marathon225214:21:04    
18/10/2009Skilled Engineering Burnie Ten18541:00:07    
09/08/2009 City 2 Surf38154:20    
26/07/2009Brooks Caltex Sutherland 2 Surf9141:23    
14/03/2009 Six Foot Track Marathon954:38:46    
19/10/2008Skilled Engineering Burnie Ten130854:59    
10/08/2008 City 2 Surf21451:49    
27/07/2008Brooks Caltex Sutherland 2 Surf4729:32    
20/07/2008B&E Launceston 1090354:04    
06/07/2008Asics Gold Coast Half Marathon1281:23:32    
18/05/2008 Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon4051:30:26    
12/08/2007 City 2 Surf78359:20    
13/08/2006 City 2 Surf96359:20    
23/07/2006 Sutherland 2 Surf25045:12    
02/07/2006Asics Gold Coast Half Marathon5841:35:51    
14/08/2005 City 2 Surf21452:07    
10/08/2003 City 2 Surf26001:05:49    
24/08/2002Mt Wilson to Bilpin Bush Run543:01:57    
11/08/2002 City 2 Surf66658:30    
26/08/2001Mt Wilson to Bilpin Bush Run262:52:22    
12/08/2001 City 2 Surf78958:22    
22/07/2001 Sutherland 2 Surf3636:52    
01/07/2001 Shoalhaven King Of The Mountain122:24:28    
03/03/2001 Six Foot Track Marathon254:26:23    
30/04/2000 Host City Marathon5643:15:46    
13/02/2000 Times Seaside Fun Run235:23    
21/11/1999 Jindabyne Marathon13:08:07    
11/07/1999JAL Gold Coast Marathon832:57:14    
30/05/1999 Hornsby Advocate Fun Run2035:59    
09/01/1999 Palm Beach to Manly31:55:59    
07/11/1998Gatorade Noosa Bolt Elite Men's Race2615:48    
06/09/1998Sunday Telegraph Sydney Marathon813:08:14    
15/08/1998Mt Wilson to Bilpin Bush Run112:43:54    
14/06/1998 Shoalhaven King Of The Mountain853:10:29    
24/05/1998 Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon271:14:00    
09/05/1998 NSW Road Championship Open Men's 10km2333:10    
16/08/1997Mt Wilson to Bilpin Bush Run122:39:51    
20/07/1997 Sutherland 2 Surf734:18    
17/08/1996Mt Wilson to Bilpin Bush Run12:17:21    
13/04/1996Mobil Canberra Marathon Eve Fun Run430:43    
23/07/1995 Sutherland 2 Surf1Unknown    
28/05/1995 Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon91:08:00    
15/12/1994 Zatopek Classic Men's 10000m1129:31.99 
24/07/1994 Sutherland 2 Surf1Unknown    
22/05/1994 Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon51:07:14    
23/01/1994 Tokyo City Half Marathon111:02:54    
16/12/1993Victorian Marathon Club Victorian Marathon Club Emil Zatopek Trophy Elite Men's 10000m628:31.93 
21/11/1993 Olympic Dream Fun Run529:11    
19/09/1993 Burnie Ten228:46    
28/08/1993 Australian Cross Country Championship Senior Men's 12km136:44    
08/08/1993The Sun-Herald City to Surf140:29    
25/07/1993 Sutherland 2 Surf1Unknown    
23/05/1993 Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon361:12:56    
08/05/1993 APSOC Dyson Relays111:03    
21/03/1993 Round The Bays223:23    
21/02/1993 Chiba International Cross Country Senior Men's Race1437:01    
20/09/1992 Burnie Ten630:20    
16/08/1992The Sun-Herald City to Surf241:31    
02/07/1992 DN-Galan Men's 5000m1313:35.24 
27/06/1992Panasonic British Olympic Trials Men's 5000m1213:49.7  
09/06/1992 Roma Golden Gala Men's 5000m1913:41.35 
24/05/1992 Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon11:04:02    
07/03/1992 Australian Track & Field Championships Men's 5000m113:30.52 
25/02/1992NEC Grand Prix Meeting Men's 5000m113:24.63 
15/02/1992 Athletics NSW Men's 3000m17:46.18 
01/02/1992 Australian Track & Field Championships Men's Mile14:02.34 
29/01/1992 AIS Seiko Meeting Men's 5000m113:39.72 
22/01/1992 Lifespan Smokefree Track Series Men's 5000m113:32.66 
15/01/1992 Smokefree International Series Men's 1500m23:42.94 
15/12/1991 Chiba International Ekiden Men's Leg 1328:07    
10/12/1991 Victorian Marathon Club Emil Zatopek Trophy Men's 10000m328:20.28 
20/10/1991 Canberra Times Fun Run129:03    
22/09/1991 Burnie Ten128:42    
30/08/1991 IAAF World Championships Men's 5000m Heat 3913:59.71 
11/08/1991The Sun-Herald City to Surf340:51    
21/07/1991JAL Gold Coast Half Marathon11:03:06    
12/07/1991 Parcelforce Games Men's 5000m1113:33.46 
03/07/1991 DN-Galan Men's 5000m1613:54.78 
21/06/1991 Pearl Assurance Games Men's 3000m57:52.47 
28/04/1991 Bob Hasan Paradise Run729:20    
24/02/1991 Australian Track & Field Championships Men's 5000m1614:42.09 
13/12/1990BP Victorian Marathon Club Emil Zatopek Trophy228:39.85 
02/12/1990Coca Cola Distance Classic Men's 3000m17:45.95 
18/11/1990FCL Interstate Transport Olympic Dream Fun Run130:13    
21/10/1990 Canberra Times Fun Run229:25    
09/09/1990 Burnie Ten128:50    
12/08/1990The Sun-Herald City to Surf942:42    
16/07/1990 Miting Internacional d'Atletisme Ciutat de Barcelona73:36.6  
12/07/1990 Lausanne Athletissima Men's 5000m1014:39.25 
06/07/1990 IAC International27:47.36 
20/06/1990 IAAF Grand Prix Men's 1 Mile33:58.18 
30/05/1990 Seville Expo '92 Men's 5000m913:38.58 
27/05/1990 1 Mile Track Race53:56.52 
28/04/1990Nike AAA National 12-Stage Road Relay Short Stage214:01    
18/04/1990General Portfolio City Centre Road Race614:09    
13/03/1990 Australian Track & Field Championships Men's 1500m13:40.77 
18/02/1990 Chiba International Cross Country1134:49    
02/02/1990 XIV Commonwealth Games Men's 5000m Final113:24.86 
01/02/1990 XIV Commonwealth Games Men's 5000m Heat 2413:52.63 
10/01/1990 ACT Club Championships Men's 1500m23:39.2  
07/12/1989 Victorian Marathon Club Emil Zatopek Trophy Elite Men's Race0DNF    
03/12/1989 Australian Commonwealth Games Trial Men's 5000m113:40.5  
23/11/1989 AIS Drug Offensive Meeting Men's 5000m513:37.9  
11/09/1989 IAAF World Cup Men's 5000m713:54.92 
28/08/1989 Italy - Great Britain - Oceania Meeting Men's 3000m27:50.29 
25/08/1989 La Matesina Road Race1030:03    
19/08/1989 Amatrice - Configno Road Race624:32.7  
13/08/1989Kodak British Athletic Championships Men's 5000m1013:48.35 
21/07/1989 Palio Città della Quercia Men's 3000m27:54.33 
19/07/1989 Golden Gala Men's 5000m1213:48.72 
03/07/1989 DN-Galan Men's 10000m1028:38.35 
25/06/1989 Meeting BNP413:52.86 
17/06/1989 Steamboat Classic117:58    
29/05/1989 Bolder Boulder Elite Men's Race3131:24    
21/05/1989San Francisco Examiner Bay To Breakers335:19    
07/05/1989 Lilac Bloomsday Run635:03    
30/04/1989NW Natural Gas Spring Classic122:48    
15/04/1989 Crescent City Classic228:00    
09/04/1989MDA Boston Milk Run328:14    
19/03/1989 IAAF World Cross Country Championship Senior Men's Race5742:11    
09/03/1989 Grand Prix Meeting Men's 5000m113:32.54 
19/02/1989 All-Japan Cross Country535:08    
05/02/1989 Bob Hasan Bali Road Race629:28    
26/01/1989 AIS Drug Offensive Meeting Men's 3000m17:58.14 
12/01/1989 Australian Track & Field Championships Men's 10000m128:22.95 
18/12/1988 Chiba International Ekiden Men's Leg 1428:04    
29/09/1988 Games of the XXIV Olympiad Men's 5000m Semi Final 11213:42.49 
28/09/1988 Games of the XXIV Olympiad Men's 5000m Heat 1313:47.87 
23/09/1988 Games of the XXIV Olympiad Men's 10000m Heat 10DNF    
28/08/1988 Australian Road Running Championship Senior Men's Race244:29    
14/08/1988The Sun-Herald City to Surf541:25    
06/08/1988 YMCA Of Canberra Runners Club Winter Series112:02    
24/07/1988 Sutherland 2 Surf1Unknown    
10/07/1988 YMCA Of Canberra Runners Club West Basin 10 Miles148:20    
02/07/1988Mobil Bislett Games Men's 10000m1928:25    
24/06/1988 Lausanne Athletissima Men's 5000m1414:10.92 
02/04/1988 Bob Hasan Bali Road Race728:59    
11/03/1988 Australian Track & Field Championships Men's 10000m228:30.48 
21/02/1988 All-Japan Cross Country135:03    
04/02/1988 Australian Track & Field Championships Men's 5000m113:36.15 
09/01/1988Ariadne Sanctuary Cove Fun Run344:50    
12/12/1987Runners World Victorian Marathon Club Emil Zatopek Trophy A Division127:57.34 
03/12/1987 Australian Institute of Sport113:32    
26/11/1987 Athletics Victoria Interclub Men's 5000m113:25.2  
17/10/1987 Capital Road Race228:41    
17/05/1987San Francisco Examiner Bay To Breakers435:43    
28/03/1987 Australian Track & Field Championships Men's 1500m Final23:39.23 
27/03/1987 Australian Track & Field Championships Men's 1500m Heat 123:48.88 
05/03/1987 World Championship Qualifying Attempt113:33.7  
08/02/1987 Bob Hasan Bali Road Race929:57    
05/02/1987 Australian Track & Field Championships Men's 10000m128:04.39 
18/12/1986 Victorian Marathon Club Emil Zatopek Trophy A Division128:07.51 
30/11/1986 IAAF World Road Relay Challenge Men's Leg 3222:36    
14/09/1986Wang Burnie Ten129:19    
10/08/1986The Sun City to Surf141:37    
27/07/1986 Australian Road Running Championship144:26    
13/07/1986 Sutherland 2 Surf1Unknown    
18/05/1986San Francisco Examiner Bay To Breakers535:52    
23/06/1985 Pacific Conference Games Men's 5000m514:24.82 
18/06/1985 Harry Jerome International Track Classic Men's 3000m27:54.65 
25/04/1985 YMCA Of Canberra Runners Club ANZAC Relays212:14    
24/03/1985 World Cross Country Championships Open Men9335:19    
24/03/1985 IAAF World Cross Country Championship Senior Men's Race9435:19    
31/01/1985 Australian Track & Field Championships Men's 5000m113:32.95 
13/12/1984 Victorian Marathon Club Emil Zatopek Trophy A Division128:18.6  
05/08/1984The Sun City to Surf141:54    
10/06/1984Wang Australian Marathon22:14:36    
23/04/1984 YMCA Of Canberra Runners Club ANZAC Relays112:16    
30/03/1984 Australian Track & Field Championships Men's 10000m328:42.4  
20/08/1983 Australian Cross Country Championship Senior Men's 12km837:50.3  
07/08/1983The Sun City to Surf142:00    
19/03/1983 Australian Track & Field Championships Men's 5000m314:11.14 
25/07/1982 Pre-Commonwealth Games Carnival Men's 5000m1Unknown    
11/07/1982 Sutherland 2 Surf1Unknown    
09/06/1982Philips Night of Athletics Men's 3000m58:33.81 
21/03/1982 Australian Track & Field Championships Men's 10000m228:57.68 
18/03/1982 Australian Track & Field Championships Men's 5000m614:42.03 
06/03/1982 Australian Institute of Sport228:16.7  
20/02/1982 NSW Track & Field Championships Men's 1500m13:45.58 
14/02/1982 NSW Track & Field Championships Men's 5000m114:05.9  
18/01/1982 International Challenge Meeting Men's 5000m313:47.2  
05/01/1982 Australian Commonwealth Games Trial Men's 10000m430:05.8  
17/12/1981 Victorian Marathon Club Emil Zatopek Trophy A Division128:25.4  
18/10/1981Big M Melbourne Marathon12:19:03    
12/09/1981 Australian Cross Country Championship Senior Men's Race236:23    
09/08/1981The Sun City to Surf843:14    
12/07/1981 Sutherland 2 Surf1Unknown    
17/05/1981San Francisco Examiner Bay To Breakers536:44    
20/04/1981 Boston Marathon21002:52:45    
03/01/1981 NSW Track & Field Championships Men's Mile24:10.5  
12/10/1980Big M Melbourne Marathon12:17:37    
06/09/1980 Australian Cross Country Championship Senior Men's 12km3940:56    
31/08/1980Superfast Gold Coast International Marathon12:23:02    
10/08/1980The Sun City to Surf743:40    
19/04/1980 Boston Marathon782:27:56    
20/12/1979 Zatopek: 10 A Division629:58    
21/10/1979Big M Melbourne Marathon12:26:44    
08/09/1979 Australian Cross Country Championship Senior Men's 12km1239:58    
15/07/1979 Sutherland 2 Surf1Unknown    
01/04/1978 Harbord Diggers Marathon12:32:58    
19/03/1978 Australian Track & Field Championships Men's 10000m1332:44    

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